• type:

  • for:

    Traveling, Casual, Cycling, Hiking.
  • material:

    Nylon, Flat Diaphragm, Taselon


  • cloth bag:

    21.59" x 64.77" x 45.72"
  • wash bag:

    15.24" x 58.42" x 38.1"
  • cable bag:

    17.78" x 60.96" x 38.1"
  • camera bag:

    24.13" x 60.96" x 43.18"
  • main bag:

    19.5" x 10.5" x 6.5"
  • cloth bag
  • camera bag
  • cable bag
  • wash bag
  • hidden bang bag
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multifunctional organizing compartments

On the outside, these bags look very similar, but it's what's on the inside that counts. The Backpack was designed for everyday use and the Travel Pack for 1-3 day trips.

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Shoulder Straps

Protect your shoulders and spin from the overweight of the bag

Special designed shoulder straps reduce the pressure of the backpack on your shoulder, so you can carry more weight without harm your shoulders. Carry one bag with all the items you need without worrying about the weight of the bag.

Modular Carrying

Helps with Sweating Problem

Replaceable ventilating back pad allows air flows between your back and the bag, so you won’t soak in the sweat with the bag on.

Wireless Charger

Charge anytime anywhere. No need to get extra cables.

Charge your phone on the go, even without USB cables. Built in wireless charger saves your worry of packing multiple cables, allows you charging your electronic devices freely.

Waterproof Fabric

Selected waterproof fabric and zipper design-fabric and zippers

Spill water on the bag? No trouble at all! The selected fine waterproof fabric and zippers can handle most of your needs about water resistance.

RFID Compartment

Stop using foil paper protect your card information from “skimmer”! Fomox V-Pack comes with the RFID Blocking compartment, so your personal information are safer in the backpack.